If you happen to have one ear in the fashion industry or say, you’ve ever picked up a copy of Elle, Look, Cosmo… The list goes on, open your ears now. Bell Designs has been churning out some of the hottest looks for over ten years now. All the best in the business are dying to work for them and one good recommendation from someone with the last name Bell could catapult a career to the very top of the line.

Almost seven years ago and straight out of high school, Mr Bell, CEO and founder of the company passed his legacy directly into the lap of his two daughters Brooklyn [l] and Stella [r] Bell. Doubted by a neverending slur of media and designers, the Bell sister proved almost everyone wrong and before anyone even knew what had hit them Bells Designs was even more successful than it had been in any of the previous years. Many of the girls’ own designs were featured on the runaway and stole the limelight at every Fashion Week they graced themsevles at. London, Paris, Milan… The world was their oyster.

Then things took a turn for the worst. Everyone knows the story. The details of Stella Bell’s epic meltdown were well documented. Barely out off their teens and with an empire on their shoulders it was no wonder that enough become enough for Brooklyn and she bowed out off the company. With just Stella alone loses were catastrophic and for a while many feared Bell Designs was about to crash and burn.

Thankfully Mr Bell came out of retirement just in time to save the company and send his daughter on a well needed “vacation”.

In true Bell style, Stella made her comeback. All eyes remained trained on the 24 year old. Some hoping to see her crash and burn all over again but many just wanted their favourite designer back on their shelves. With a line for the Awards Season it would seem that Stella has given up her old party girl ways in light of business. Of course that doesn’t mean that Mr Bell has stepped down again just yet.

So we all know what happened to Brooke. She moved here— to Havensdale Valley, Connecticut and opened up her own little boutique punnily named “Brooke’s Bowtique”. The sisters up until this point estranged have been seen together again. That’s right. Stella Bell— in Havensdale Valley, Connecticut.

A long way from home the rumours are already circling. What really happened during that “vacation” and are we going to see another public spat between two of fashions most iconic women under 25?


The first ever recorded earthquake hit Havensdale in the small
hours of the morning and the town is still trying to get to grips with the small devastation caused. Thankfully we’ve seem no irreparable damage thus far. Havensdale High is still out of commission while repairs are being made— hopefully its students are taking this time to study up.

Local shops are in disarray but are slowly getting themselves back in order. It’s in times like these that we really see the community pull together, so don’t be shy. Grab a sweeping brush, some glue and let’s get this place back to how it should look in time to re-boot the Sadie Hawkin’s dance. Free coffee can be found outside of Lyndsy’s for anyone in need while the inside is being fixed back up. And—

Oh, goodness. This just in, a fire has broken out in Blue Moon. Make sure to keep your distance while the fire department and Sheriff’s department deal with it please.

More information on this over-all phenomena that literally shook our town tonight.

Back to you Phil.


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… the infamous Elena Montgomery and Henry Sinclair. The

social buzz around this union is high. Everybody who is

anybody knows about this engagement. Henry is a young 

law student well on his way to joining one of the top firms in

the country. While we’re not one hundred per cent on their

joint income we can only presume it consists of a lot of

digits. While there is no known conformed date, any

wedding that has Felicity Montgomery at the helm is going

to be unforgettable. In fact we bet this ceremony is going to

be even more lavish than Felicity’s own wedding. The dress,

the venue, the vast number of ice sculptures are all yet to

be confirmed but everyone has their eyes trained on these

two. We’re all excited to see their Big Day play out. It’ll

be on for the books. Our congratulations and anticipations

to Elena and Henry.

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When Lyndsy— beloved co-owner of our local ‘Lyndsy’s

Café’— Moore started flashing the rock on her left hand the

whole town let out an audible sigh. Congratulations came in

their bulk and preparations began. Naturally everyone who 

has ever had a cup of their legendary coffee was keen to

contribute to the ceremony. Wedding cake samples have

been trundle in and out through the café by Claire Cooper

for weeks now but there’s still plenty of time to buy the

future Mr and Mrs McArthur a wedding gift. The date is set

June 3rd — a summer wedding. You can only imagine the

madness that is going to take over this small town with two

of our long time families joining together. You just know it’s

going to be one of those days that really brings the town

together to celebrate. Congratulations to Derek McArthur

and Lyndsy Moore.

The other hot engagement of the moment is of course…


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Following the tragic loss of Lena Davenport — death officially ruled as

an animal attack — ranger patrols have increased and animal control

has been called into the area. Recent reports have shown sightings of

large animals presumed to be wolves in the wooded areas on the

outskirts of Havensdale. These possible wolves or wolf has started to

venture closer and closer into town. Small animals have been found

butchered but thankfully no one has been reported injured or worse by

one of these animals. Other potential animals have not been ruled out

but for now the police force seem to be combining their efforts with the

animal control office in order to diffuse the situation at hand. We are

assured that this is an isolated incident as the wild animals in the

surrounding area have never attacked before or even come remotely

close to the population here in Havensdale. Once the threat has been

removed we are assured that the nature trails and hiking spots will be

safe again. In the mean time citizens are asked to be extra vigilant

especially at night. It has been thoroughly suggested that wooded

areas and isolated tracks should be avoided until the threat is

captured and removed.

More information including safety tips can be found at the station.

Charity Boy Toy Auction!

Sign up sheets and further information located in Town Hall.

Some of the names on the list so far include:

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Good evening folks. We’ve just received confirmation that there has in fact been a body recovered from the wooded area on the outskirts of town en route out off Havensdale. I can sadly confirm that the body has been positively identified as beloved member of the community Lena Davenport, most commonly known as Ms Davenport to her Chemistry students at Havensdale High.

While Sheriff Bennett and Deputy O’Conner had little to no comment at the moment of the incident for now the cause of death would stand at being another animal attack. Now while warnings have already been put out to the community as to safety when it comes to the hiking trails in town these will be heavily re-stressed in the coming days. For now we can only assume that the animal responsible is still at large and that immediate action will be taken to remove its presence from our community.

For the time being however we’d just like to extend our condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. The death of-… Of Lena Davenport is a great loss to everyone who knew her, her students especially.

More safety tips will be released both onto our website and in the local paper as well as leaflets that can be found around town commencing tomorrow.

As for our annual New Years celebrations, they will go ahead as planned and there will be opportunity to light a candle at the memorial  that has been set up in town square. It’s best that in times like these that we stay together as a community and-… And stay safe, everyone.

Thank you.

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The success of this year’s annual Halloween event in town square was the best we have ever seen here in Havensdale. We had the biggest turnout in five years and the money raised via donations is going to help our school’s extra curricular activities so a big thank you to everyone who participated. To end the night we saw a spectacular fireworks display- talk about going out with a bang.

However in the aftermath of a memorable night we came see a very messy clean up. Now police can’t say for sure but there may have been a mixture of human blood found in City Hall which was being used as a Haunted House. It was difficult to tell at first what with all the fake blood used for decoration but our sources report that there was more than enough blood found to suggest a fatal injury. More on this story as it progresses.

I’m going to hand you back over to Sally in the studio with news on missing hikers recently filed this week. On that note, we’d just like to stress along with our police force that this time of year can be treacherous for those hiking in the woods or mountains. Safety is key.


Thank you, Sally back to you.

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